Thursday, December 1, 2011



Hello kids, you can find the more information of this topic in this blog. Hope you all enjoy it! 

  • Survival of animals living in extreme weather ( Hot weather and cold weather)
          > wallowing in mud holes
          > hide in underground
          > able to store water and food
          > having long ears
          > having thick fur
          > migrate to warmer regions
          > having thick layer of fat under their skin
          > hibernate
  • Animal protect themselves from danger and enemies 
          > ability to change colour
          > bad smell
          > strong and sharp horns
          > sharp claws
          > hide in the hard shell
          > pretend to be dead
          > lives in group
          > detach a segment
          > release poisonous stings
          > curl up the body
          > has hard scales, thick fur, hard shell and spines 

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